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  The Myth of Spontaneous Sex

  How to Have a Healthy Sex Life

  What Foods to Eat to Enhance Your Sex Life 

  Porn is Misleading


  When Does Orgasm Happen?

  Sex Position to Hit G-spot

  Why is the Clitoris so Taboo?


  Female Ejaculation through History

  Is It Normal to Squirt?

  Empower Yourself with Knowledge

    and Increase Self Esteem!

  Embarrassment, Shame & Violence in the Bedroom

  Sex Positions for G-Spot Stimulation 

  Empowerment and Higher Self Confidence in Bed

  Learn About Aphrodisiac Foods 

    That Can Make You Horny

(Includes Deaf Blind, Down Syndrome and all disabilities.)

Theron Parker

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1.GSPOT 101


Perhaps you are aware of what a G-spot is, where it is and what it does but for many out there this mythical magic spot is elusive. Physical arousal, sex, and associated pleasures can be very technical. If you want to understand them, you must be able to break them down. DID YOU KNOW: that both female and male anatomy have G-spots?.... What exactly does it do?... There are specific positions and exercises that can be done to optimize the mythical magical wonder area!? In this workshop we discuss all of this and much more!  This workshop is presented in a way that is open, respectful and dare we say entertaining. You'll learn how to approach discussions about the topics, how to sign (ASL) the appropriate terms and concepts that surround these discussions and how to process the emotion that may come up while in an interpreting situation. Come learn with us.... Learn how to be open, learn about your body and what incredible things it can do, learn how to process what you learn and apply it to your life.  



Sexuality makes us human. Naturally, its fundamental function is to propagate the species. But clearly, sex goes far beyond the powerful evolutionary instinct to procreate. Sex is also about sensual pleasure. Enjoyment. Excitement. Even ecstasy. In addition to the earthly and earthy delights of the flesh--the thrill of physically touching and being touched by another warm body, the mounting excitement toward sexual release, the climactic ecstasy of orgasm, and the pulsating, peaceful afterglow of relaxation following orgasm-human sexuality also serves both a psychological and spiritual purpose." (Psychology Today). In this workshop we will dive into the different ways to find pleasure through sex: kinky sex, BDSM, romantic love making, makeup sex...The possibilities are endless!! From how we approach our feelings that surround the act of love making or just unpacking the way we react/process the topic and discuss with others, this workshop is going to help you explore and understand the physiological aspect tied to senses that are triggered as well as how to process the emotional aspect of sexual exploration. 

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3.SEX Q & A 

Such is the strength of human that men and women fight hard to save their sex lives when something goes wrong. Sex is one of nature’s rewards and sensuality is particularly valued as a buffer or comfort zone. Being the enduring creatures that we are, we do our utmost to address our sexual problems, dilemmas and try to solve them. That is where we are comes in. Explicit answers to hundreds of your most boring questions. Explain mind-blowing techniques and delicious sex games, Gives candid advice on intimacy and love includes revealing bedroom quizzes to enhance skills, address specific concerns of men, women, singles, and couples.




The Oxford dictionary describes emotional intelligence as: “the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.” Emotional intelligence is a very important part of your everyday life but does that include sex? People often tend to have a rigid and nonflexible perspective when it comes to what happens in an intimate situation.  Emotional intelligence is whole heartedly rooted within sexual encounters

and the more you understand about how it lives, breathes and interacts within these heart pounding times, the more heart pounding times will come! 

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The "silly putty" of the English language, our most malleable swear word can refer to sex, rage, confusion, excitement, and a whole lot more. Other swear words have medieval roots, some have medical beginnings and yet have evolved to have an unwanted/explicit place in our society. But in the bedroom..... How do we communicate our intense wants, immediate needs and most wanted desires. In this workshop we will explore some of the etiology of these words, how and when to use them and how to sign all these different adjectives, nouns, and verbs in a variety of settings. 


Age is just a number. Being good at sex after 45 is an another thing. Sex is great because it's an workout for all ages and for all needs. HRT (hormone replacement therapy), menopause, partial erection, hysterectomy, penis pump and viagra (and more) are covered in physical aspect of sex. Boredom, fitness, age difference, masturbation and intimacy are covered in the mental aspect of sex. Fear not, the answer at the end of the tunnel is a bright one, you can have sex! Only with permission from the doctor, of course. Some people can't handle the higher blood pressure that comes with the excitement of the old. Come write your sex life's final chapter with us!

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7. DeafBlind Sex 101


Deaf people cherish American Sign Language and which is all about facial expressions. Half of the language is on the face, which DeafBlind does not have tactile access to it. Their grammar is based on movement in airspace and articulating different hand shapes that are difficult for them to discern. However, how do we, DeafBlind communicate our intense wants, immediate needs, and most wanted desires in our intimate moments?


Then with touch being a taboo, that alone was a very oppressive scenario for DeafBlind to try to create a situation that was a prime situation for tactile language to emerge. People generally think that touch is about love and affection but, it is so much more than these.


Touch can mean a myriad of things. Everyone has different sensory receptors in their skin. Some sensations are felt on the surface, some deeper into the muscle, some closer to the bone, all of that could be felt in Protactile language. It feels different because there are various qualities of feelings that become the language; it’s a grammar of touch. But people who don’t use touch don’t think in those terms.


For DeafBlind, touch is the most valuable tool to access a language they possess. They need to get in touch, not just with each other but with the world around us, and for the DeafBlind to overcome the taboo of touch, we need to change how we communicate with them. That is by opening our minds and try protractile language that  has been around for a while. It is not new concept, however, it is foreign if you do not know how to use the language of the DeafBlind. 


In this workshop, you’d learn how to communicate by using touch to convey thoughts, feelings, wants, and desires in the bedroom. You’d understand how to express a love language that would open their world. You may experience new sensations you never feel before. Theron will introduce you to new concepts that may delight and enlighten you.

Ignite Your Orgasm


Theron Parker presents a workshop focused on the pleasure, self care and awareness of the ever elusive G-spot. The workshop includes best positions for stimulation, couples play techniques, solo exercises for maximizing male/female G-spot stimulation, achieving ejaculation and having intense full body orgasms... and much more! 


Practical knowledge and step-by-step guidance for both female/male on how to give and receive hair raising sensations that result in bed-shaking climaxes, improve mental health and satisfy innate physical needs. 



In today's world, mental health has a lot of focus and contributes to many struggles in life. There are so many positives that surround a person's sexual health that it should be readily conceivable your sexual health can play a huge role in one's overall mental health. Our society is filled with falsehood sand unattainable imagery all around us! Please arm yourself with accurate sexual education and do yourself a favor of exploring/learning your desires, fantasies and boundaries in a safe and confidential environment. Don't strive to be "normal" - strive to be your best you! 


Theron Parker

Theron has been teaching workshops on the G-spot for over 20+ years and has become a well renowned "expert" on the subject. Theron's incredibly graphic gestures, expert expressions, and skilled body language as well as his thorough understanding of the subject allows the attendee to experience full immersion in the topic. 

​Theron Parker leads a notable career as a performer, instructor and presenter. He has been renowned for his ABC stories where he produced four DVDs (In the Minds of Ed and Theron, Have ASL, Will Travel: Fables from Around the World, Folklore from Around the World, and Little Deaf Spies). Theron also appeared in Forget Me Not, and served as an assistant producer for ASL Films. Theron has worked on projects such as Illusion of ASL, a deaf theater group, five years certified Baby Signs instructor, he teaches literacy through America Sign Language for his non-profit organization, ABC ASL, working with children and parents (A humor of Deaf history to ASL storytelling). For Theron, ASL storytelling is the most beautiful music imaginable, with its natural beauty and expressiveness, he aspires to expose ASL to many generations of deaf children and hearing people as possible with his first children’s book published earlier this year and many more to come.


Jennifer Matos

Hello! My name is Jennifer Matos. For short, my sign name is spelled JMO.  I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. I was born deaf, my parents and my brother are deaf too.  I am now a single mom of 4 beautiful CODA (hearing) children.


I love to dance to loud music to release stress! Basketball, volleyball and football are my favorite sports.  I love to work out and cook healthy food. I love to meet new people and learn new things. I am easy going, open minded, caring, adventurous, curious, assertive, fearless, and funny. 


I'm very excited to announce that I am starting a new, part-time career in the G-Spot business.  The purpose of the G-Spot collaboration is to educate and help other people. I want to share my knowledge about sex to help couples build stronger relationships inside and outside the bedroom. Satisfying sex on a regular basis boosts mental health,  feelings of relaxation and a happier outlook on life in general. I'm excited about helping others to enjoy the many benefits of a better sex life. 

At Your Service


   Female & Male anatomy (Yes, Both have G-spots)

   G-spot exercises

   Types of orgasms

   Best positions for G-spot sex 

   Sex toy history 

   Theories about the G-spot


   Sexual Health

   Sexual spirituality

   Physiological and emotional aspects

    of sexual exploration

All workshops taught in American Sign Language. 



Packages available to chose from.


Package 1

One hour of one on one session.

  • Consultation

  • Private Session


Package 2

Two hours of group session.

  • Private Session/Party

  • Bachelorette/Bachelor Party


Package 3

Need a host for your event?

  • Seminar

  • Fundraising Event

  • Interpreter Workshop

  • Expo Event

  • Universities/Colleges

Available Worldwide



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